Presentation of the application

Beneficiary’s name: BIRSCH CONSTRUCT Limited Liability Company

Project: Financing Operational Costs

Contracted loan amount: 116,826,000 HUF

Description of the project:

BIRSCH CONSTRUCT Ltd. currently operates with 45 well-trained professionals to serve our clients. In addition, our office staff assists in project preparation, management, and administration.

Our experienced team has been proving its capabilities in domestic power plants and other industrial facilities for many years. Thanks to our comprehensive knowledge and years of professional experience, we are constantly able to evolve and expand. The level of our growth can be measured by the quantity and volume of projects.

As our company continues to grow dynamically, we require highly skilled and experienced employees to achieve further success. The obtained loan amount will be invested in our long-term development goals. We aim to motivate our existing team and create a work environment that meets their needs.

Project completion date: February 15, 2028

Project identification number: GINOP-8.3.5-18/B